Zhang Jianggang Libang Machinery Co., Ltd.its main products for Nippon plastic milling machine, HDPE milling machine, LDPE milling machine, LLDPE milling machine, PVC milling machine, PET milling machine, PP milling machine, PA milling machine, PC milling machine, ABS milling machine, rubber milling machine, milling machine, vacuum freezing electrostatic separator, feeding machine, spiral feeding machine, plastic pipe crusher, crushing machine, single shaft shredder, shredder and other plastic products auxiliary shaft.            Since its establishment, the company based on the auxiliary plastic industry, in terms of plastic recycling has accumulated rich technology, crushing, grinding, milling products include plastic, transportation, etc. separation processes, products are exported to Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Argentina, East Africa and other countries and regions, plastic grinding machine with advanced technology have a single hour a ton of PVC grinding ability, ordered all kinds of machine tools.    【more】
About Us
  • Custom equipment Custom equipment

    Fully customized personalized milling machine, according to the customer to the processing of materials, production processes, plant layout, bagging, etc..

  • dust catcherdust catcher

         We provide a wide range of dust removal solutions and devices to customers, in addition to a simple bag filter, as well as efficient pulse bag filter and water dust remover for choice.

  • Television advertisingTelevision advertising

          The traditional star delta startingmode large energy consumption, we provide variable frequency starting and programmable automatic remote control system in the field according to the equipment operation adjustment parameters and meet GMP standard production.

  • Three-dimensionalThree-dimensional

          Production doubling plan provides us with a new perspective to the production of machinery, environmentally friendly plastic separation equipment in a timely manner to solve the recycling of plastic recycling pollution problems